Darrell Says Drain Punch Is Better Than Anything Else!


Why Maintenance Pros Love Drain Punch

Non Acid Drain Punch is the Ultimate Liquid Drain Cleaner for Clogs and Slow Drains

For years Hospitals, Apartments, Universities and Commercial building supervisors have trusted and relied on non acid Drain Punch to remove hair, soap, algae, food and grease clogs.  Benefits include it pours through standing water, no smell or off gassing, easier, safer and more sanitary than using a snake, safe for pipes of all kinds and crud and goo buildups are removed from pipe walls over time.  Drain Punch is Made in America and is the highest concentration of sodium hydroxide available on the commercial market.

Drain Punch has the Highest Amount of Active Ingredient in the Market

Are you looking for value and results?  Drain Punch is Industrial Strength and has the highest concentration of sodium hydroxide available in a liquid form.  In fact, most non acid liquid drain openers are only 5%-15% active ingredient while Drain Punch is 48%-52% (any higher and it would crystallize). That’s why Drain Punch works fast on those tough drain clogs when so many competitors do not!  

Long Term Customers Agree Drain Punch Saves Time and Money!

For ease of use clearing hair, soap, algae, food and grease clogs, to the long term benefits of removing the fat and sludge from all the drains in your building, and preventive maintenance, Drain Punch delivers.  Operations run smoother with so many freed up man hours and plumbers are happy because a simple pour, wait and rinse is all it takes.

Listen to what the Pro's have to say!

For more information check out the blog posts and video testimonials. These maintenance professionals wanted to share their experiences and show you how Drain Punch will help your operations too.