Top Frequently Asked Questions



 1. Is Drain Punch an Acid based product?   


2. What is the active ingredient?  

This is a 50% solution of Sodium Hydroxide. There is not a more concentrated non Acid liquid drain cleaner commercially available. 

3. Does standing water need to be removed first?  

No.  Simply pour the proper amount in and wait 5-30 minutes for the drain to be cleaned.  Then run warm water for a couple minutes.

4. How good does it work cleaning hair, soap, food, algae and grease from clogged drains?  

Managers at Universities, hospitals, large apartment complexes and even the 9 stories tall City Hall all tell me Drain Punch works better than anything else they’ve ever seen!  All without any nasty odors too.

5. Is Drain Punch really that much better?  

Absolutely!  Most retail and even other commercial Non Acid liquid drain cleaners are only 5%-15% active ingredient by weight. They’re mostly water and fillers!

Drain Punch on the other hand is 48%-52% sodium hydroxide.  Any stronger and it would turn to crystals. 

6.  How is it sold?  

It is sold by the case which contains 12 quart bottles. That’s enough to clean 24 drains or do preventive maintenance on 48 drains.  (Many apartment managers now treat their drains during turns)  The price is $155.10 per case plus tax and shipping UPS ground.