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Check Out Why Maintenance Plumbers Love Industrial Strength Odorless Drain Punch!

Our Super Concentrated Formula Hits Your Clogs With Pure Power!  Drain Punch is 3x - 10x Less Cost Per Oz. vs other Drain Cleaners on the market that are typically 80%-95% Water!

Non-Acid Drain Punch easily dissolves hair, soap, algae, food and grease clogs. It is highly effective at removing the sludge and buildup from drain pipes and condensate lines. Whether you have a stubborn clog or want to use DRAIN PUNCH as preventive maintenance....Drain Punch delivers! 

One case (12-Quart Bottles) of Drain Punch can typically treat twenty-four stopped up drains. That's under $7.00 per clog delivered, using anything else is throwing money down your clogged drain!