Best Drain Cleaner Bill Has Seen in 30 Years as a Plumber

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Bill at Johnston Willis Hospital Cleaned a Stopped Up Drain

in 30 years Bill has never seen anything that works like Drain Punch. 


Drain Punch Cleans Drains In Commercial Applications Without Any Foul Odors or Damage to Pipes

For years now my customers have solved lots of Drain cleaning problems with Drain Punch.  From floor drains, to sinks, tubs, even ice machine and Air Conditioner drains.  All without any nasty odor or risking damage to pipes or food disposals.  Organic clogs like soap, hair, grease and algae are no match for the concentrated action of Drain Punch.

Real testimonials

Facilities Directors, Engineering Directors, Maintenance Supervisors and Plumbers have all put Drain Punch to the test.  How good must it be for them to reorder month after month?

Please take a look at the videos.  They represent a small group of many satisfied customers.  

Scott Was Surprised To See How Clean His Pipes Were Inside

Two years ago Scott was a skeptic.... Drain Punch cleaned out his hospital’s pipes and now he clears clogs and does preventive maintenance with it.

Leon the Maintenance Man Loves Drain Punch

Leon has found out how much time and effort Drain Punch saves! It’s also safe for old pipes that may be damaged by using a snake.

Chicken Fat Is No Match for Drain Punch

Check out this great video.  I put solid chicken fat in the jar and cooled it.  Then I covered it with water to simulate what you might see in a sink and poured in a small amount of Drain Punch.  It immediately went through the water and in 25 minutes had penetrated the fat and started lifting it up.  In 30 minutes the fat was being liquified!

J.T. Saved $15,000. In Plumber Costs by Using Drain Punch

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Sam says “If You have Old Apartments Give Drain Punch a Try”

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Scott Describes How Drain Punch Improved Hospital Operations

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Ray was a real skeptic a year ago...Listen to his story now!

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